Case studies

TRUMP applied the recommended methods in two contrasting environments: the Inland Revenue in conjunction with EDS in the UK; and the LAHAV division of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in Israel.

The usability maturity of each organisation was assessed to identify which user-centred methods were needed. The methods were applied in trial projects over a 12 month period. In both cases the results were judged to be highly beneficial and cost effective, and the selected methods are now being formally incorporated into the organizations' development processes.

Usability maturity assessment case studies

Inland Revenue/EDS

Inland Revenue provides data processing to support 60,000 staff in more than 600 local offices, and for tax and tax credit projects uses a well-defined rapid application design (RAD) methodology in conjunction with one of its main IT suppliers EDS.

Introducing UCD: organisational issues
Justifying UCD: cost benefits
Which methods were used and why
Experience with specific methods

Israel Aircraft Industries

IAI LAHAV division has a group of about 100 people developing aircraft avionics and uses a well-established development methodology, but their process for specifying operational requirements is not supported by any specific methods and techniques.

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