Usability requirements: how to specify, test and report usability

PRUE project objectives

The objective of PRUE was to demonstrate the value of making usability a concrete issue for consumers and suppliers, making use of the"Common Industry Format". PRUE intended to enhance consumer-supplier relationships by trialing, enhancing and promoting use of the CIF format as part of the procurement process. Experienced usability service providers from the network of European Usability Support Centres worked with four pairs of supplier and consumer organisations in four countries. PRUE documented the costs and benefits of producing CIF format usability reports, and the benefits for the supplier and consumer organisations. PRUE provided feedback to NIST to ensure that the final scheme (which is intended to be submitted to ISO) meets European needs.PRUE was a 12 month EU-supported project (IST-1999-20692) that started in December 2000.


This web site is based on the final Project Report, which can be downloaded.

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