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About UsabilityNet

UsabilityNet was a project funded by the European Union to provide resources and networking for usability practitioners, managers and EU projects.

UsabilityNet supports:

  • Usability practitioners: by providing a comprehensive set of authoritative information and resources on this web site.
  • Managers: by providing information and resources about usability to support the needs of managers and procurers.
  • EU projects: by providing material specifically tailored for use by EU projects.
  • Professional organisations: by providing a forum for communication between professional bodies and other organisations concerned about usability.

UsabilityNet was funded by the EU Framework V IST Programme as IST 1999-29067: a preparatory, accompanying and support measure. The project started in February 2001 and finished in July 2003, when the project manager, Nigel Bevan, took responsibility for maintaining the web site.

©UsabilityNet 2006. Reproduction permitted provided the source is acknowledged.