The software is simple and great! I used to do it with paper.usabiliTEST Online Prioritization Matrix Tool

usabiliTEST allows me to get cards entered into the system easily and setup a test within 30 minutes or less. Test participants have commented on how easy it was to take the tests and feel like a part of the process. The reports view is awesome and lets you see data graphically or simply download the raw data and format it the way you need. If you are serious about Information Architecture (IA) and user-centered analysis, you should be using usabiliTEST.usabiliTEST Online Card Sorting Tool

Digital Strategist & UXD

Great tool at a quarter of competitors price. Well designed, reliable and easy to use, with comprehensive reporting abilities. Everything you expect from a card sorting application. We found the usabiliTEST card sorting solution as the best available offer on market.

I have completed a client project using the Online CardSort Tool provided by usabiliTEST. The performance of the tool has been excellent, and the support team was quick, effective and very easy to work with. They made several feature enhancements to the tool that enabled the test design I had hoped for, and fixed bugs in a timely way. The analysis packages offered by the tool were useful and provided insight, and I could download the raw data to do my own digging easily. ...In short, an excellent tool and experience all around. I will be back whenever I need to do this type of testing, rest assured. usabiliTEST Online Card Sorting Tool

, CEO/Owner, Human Experience Lab

Was a pleasure working with Steve and the folks at usabiliTEST. The card sorting tool is a cost effective, easy to use tool that garnered great results from a IA survey sent out to 20 team members.usabiliTEST Online Card Sorting Tool