Prioritization Matrix

What is Prioritization Matrix?

Logo for usabiliTEST Prioritization Matrix online toolPrioritization Matrix is often mentioned along Six Sigma set of strategies, techniques, and tools for process improvement. While this sounds very academic, to put in simple terms, Prioritization Matrix (grid) is a useful usability testing technique you can use with your current or potential customers or with your team members to achieve consensus about issues.

How to use Prioritization Matrix?

Before get deeper into what this tool is, please see below couple prioritization test examples. This is what your test participants will see and use, to prioritize their preferences. The first demo test is utilizing cards with text labels only and another is using images.

Let’s use an example. You work on a complex web-based application that still has a few issues that need to be addressed. Anyone who has done some project planning knows that you often have to consider two important factors: time and money. It is vital for your project success that the method you choose models a user-centered approach that prioritizes the fixes in a systematic and repeatable way. It is also critical that the approach you choose be cost-effective and reliable.

Regardless of the method you pick, you have to:

  • Identify the problems
  • Create problem prioritization matrix based on impact to use
  • Prioritize areas of improvement based on time/cost benefits of fixing the problems
  • Design and implement the fixes
    If we go back to our web application example, you would collect all the tasks involved in user’s successful usage of the tool, like:
  • Login
  • Update profile
  • Check report
  • Change password
  • Set alerts, etc.

Once you compiled a list of all user actions you can put each individual task in a separate “card” using usabiliTEST’s online Prioritization Matrix and have your usability test participants “drop” those cards on a grid. The Matrix helps you rank items by various criteria. For example, you can sort tasks by frequency and importance of a task (Task Prioritization). Then you can see more clearly which issues are the most important to work on solving first. Our proprietary formula calculates the weight of each response individually as well as aggregate results, producing a priority list on the fly.

usabiliTEST allows me to get cards entered into the system easily and setup a test within 30 minutes or less. Test participants have commented on how easy it was to take the tests and feel like a part of the process. The reports view is awesome and lets you see data graphically or simply download the raw data and format it the way you need. If you are serious about Information Architecture (IA) and user-centered analysis, you should be using usabiliTEST.usabiliTEST Online Card Sorting Tool

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