Features: Remote (online) Heuristic Evaluation Tool

Heuristic Evaluation


Simple, wizard-like test creation process. Just fill out a few form fields, many of which are optional. Design your test with as many or as few features as you like. You can launch your first usability test in a matter of minutes.


Once your test is complete, you can redirect your participants to either your site, or any web page that you wish. By default they will be redirected to usabiliTEST home page, where they can learn more about usability testing.

And for those that would like to launch a test under their own branding -- you can! Add your own logo, change header to your brand color; no extra charge.

Redirect upon completion
Test duration


As with many projects, there often may be a need to run your test only for a certain period of time. usabiliTEST allows you to specify the time during which your test will be available. By default, you can leave it open for as long as you need it.


While each test already has a unique web address, short, yet complex enough to make it nearly impossible to guess, you can further limit access to your test page only to those participants that have the password. Optionally the test can be accessed through a Transport Layer Security (TLS), that provides communication security over the Internet.

Added security
Flexibility to include or exclude test participants data


usabiliTEST gives you a flexibility to exclude any test participants' results from the total data set. Remove outliers with just one click. You can also include any results just as easily, with a single click.


We are big fans of data visualization. By employing various charts, such as radar graph and Harvey Balls ideogram, we help you see the issues at a glance.

Radar Graph
Instant data analyses.


We pride ourselves in building simple to use applications with powerful data analytic features, to save you time by delivering instant data results, ready to be used.