UI is not UX presentation slide

If you search online for “UI is not UX” you will find a number of blog posts, comments and posters that UX professionals came up with to illustrate the difference between these two abbreviations. And while these educational efforts are starting to pay off you still can hear, once in a while, UI (User Interface) and UX(User Experience) used interchangeably in some conversations. A few times I gave a brief presentation on Usability Testing and although this was a very obvious topic, I just had to include a couple of slides that could help me clear the terminology confusion, among the team members I was presenting to.

Interactive PowerPoint slide titled UX is nopt UI

Due to time limit I did not attempt to reinvent the wheel, but rather used an example I found to be the best conveying the point I was trying to make. It was a presentation by Nicolas Demange on SlideShare. The part that caught my attention was in the middle and consisted of three slides dedicated to Relationship between UI and UX. It was a graph, where various design disciplines were illustrated by circles and they were arranged in a way that demonstrated their relationship to each other. For example, the overlap by Interaction Design, Visual Design and Information Architecture created a common area that we refer to as User Interface (UI).

That was the first time I saw such graphical representation and I was so impress with simplicity of the concept that I decided to recreate the graph in my own PowerPoint presentation. I found that revealing each circle area, one at a time, gave me an opportunity to explain the concept better. I attach here the slides that I created. You can download and incorporate them in your own presentation, if you wish, just keep the credit I gave to Nicolas.