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Affiliate Program Commissions

Product Price Commission
30% one-time 10% recurring
$ / mo $0 + $0 monthly
$ / yr $0 + $0 annually
When a customer signs up with your affiliate link, you'll earn 30% of their first payment plus 10% of their subsequent fees as long as their account is open.
One-time Payments
You'll earn the one-time sign-up commission once a customer has made their first payment. This happens 30 days after they've signed up (as long as they don't cancel before that). If a customer signs up for a free account, and upgrades to a pay plan later on, you'll earn the recurring 10% payment starting with the customer's second payment.
Recurring Payments
You'll earn recurring payments for a customer's account as long as the customer keeps their account open in good standing. Monthly recurring payments begin on the second payment the customer makes (60 days post sign-up) and continues as long as the customer makes monthly payments to keep their account open.
When and how do I get paid?
Payments will begin once you've earned $20 or more. Once you have, you'll receive payments roughly every 45 days as long as your payment balance is over $20. Payments are made via PayPal or by check.
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